Now Frozen Food Suppliers!!

We aim to provide good quailty Bird of prey, Owl and Reptile food at affordable prices. ​We believe in offering a varied diet so endeavour to keep a range of food items in stock.​

Please note, this list is our most popular sold items, if you are looking for something in particular and you don't see it here please do send us a message on our contact us page, we are happy to order extra products in for you.

Please do contact us before travelling to visit us. Sometimes we are busy with Experiences and can not always break away to help you with your purchase. Thank You
​​Price List for 2018

   Day Old Chicks

Bag of 50                                                                     £5.00
1 Box (roughly 8kg)                                                    £10.00


1 Single Small Mouse                                               60p each
Buy 10 Small Mice get 2 free!!!                               £6.00
1 Single Large Mouse                                              90p each
Buy 10 Large Mice get 2 free!!!                              £9.00


1 Single Ex Layer Quail                                            £1.30 each
1 Box of Ex Layer (roughly 6kg)                             £22.00
1 Single Prime Quail                                                £1.75 each
1 Box Prime Quail (roughly 6kg)                           £28.00


1 Single Weaner Rat (25g-60g)                             £1.20 each
10+ Weaner Rats                                                    £1.10 each
20+ Weaner Rats                                                    £1.00 each
1 Single Large Weaner Rat (60g-95g)                  £1.50 each
10+ Large Weaner Rats                                         £1.40 each
20+ Large Weaner Rats                                         £1.30 each
1 Single Medium Rat (22g-295g)                          £2.00 each
10+ Medium Rats                                                   £1.90 each
20+ Medium Rats                                                   £1.80 each
1 Single Large Rat (300g-395g)                             £2.20 each
10+ Large Rats                                                        £2.10 each
20+ Large Rats                                                        £2.00 each

1 Single Small Hamster (50g-85g)                       £1.10 each
10+ Small Hamsters                                              £1.00 each
20+ Small Hamsters                                              90p each
1 Single Large Hamster (85+g)                             £1.70 each
10+ Large Hamsters                                              £1.60 each
20+ Large Hamsters                                              £1.50 each


1 Single Gerbil                                                         £2.20 each
1 Pack of 10 Gerbils                                               £20.00


1 Single Extra Small Lab-bred (up to 500g)           £2.00 each
1 Single Small Lab-bred (up to 1kg)                        £4.00 each
1 Single Medium Lab-bred (1kg – 2kg)                   £8.00 each
1 Single Large Lab-bred (2kg+)                              £12.00 each

Hours of Operation
Mondays 12.00pm - 4.00pm
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm
Please contact us if you wish to dicuss one of our services before travelling to see us. Thank you
Based in Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire